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Club System

Club System

Social Clubs

Our school students gets involved in many social clubs to enhance their lifeskills. We have various social clubs like BulBul, Cubs, JRC, Scout & Guide, Green club. BulBul focus the students of 4th & 5th girls with the discipline, Self confidence, Self activity, Minor games. Cubs are for the 4th & 5th boys with the same topics.

Junior Red Cross

Junior Red Cross of our school has knowledge endeavoured with the First Aid, Flood Relief, school safety, Fire safety. Our JRC’s has been awarded with the Best Student award at the camp.

Scout and Guide

Our CHINNI KRISHNAN SCOUT TROOP and HEMA CHINNI KRISHNAN GUIDE COMPANY helps the student learn their day to day life skill activites, also we motivate the students to become the future leaders by leading them at the district government programs, Social Activities, various awareness program like road rally, green city, road safety, education.

RSP (Road Safety Patrol)

Our Road safety patrol team has been trained well by the traffic authorities of our country. This helps the students to become a good and responsible citizens of the country in the future.

Green Club

Green Club helps the environment by planting more and more trees in the environment and also they are trained in the field of agriculture and tree plantations. An approximate of 100 plants around our campus are planted by the school students and we still in the course of encouraging the students to plant more trees in and around the premises. This will make the change in reducing the global warming.