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Principal’s Desk

Principal’s Desk

From the Desk of Mrs. Divyamary R., M.Sc., B.Ed.,
CK school of Practical Knowledge Matriculation Higher Secondary school.

Dear All,
Greetings!!!!!!, It gives me immense joy to connect with all of you this year. As always, we have had a fabulous year last year, am sure we will have a better one year this year too.

We are making a paradigm shift in our way of life, we have introduced coordinator system to give special attention to our Children. We have recruited the best qualified teachers as HODs to enhance our Children’s Knowledge.

Teaching, is never for the student alone, hence we have launched special training programs to equip their knowledge and ensure the children are also benefited out of it.

Win at Life will hit its pinnacle of effectiveness, with a concerted effort to enrich the program, Win@ life will also be extended to the Parents and other stakeholders as well. Additionally we have rejuvenated Life Oriented Skills (LOE) and the Business Module Classes (BMC) to improve the life orientation skills of Children.

The Centre Of Excellence (CoE) which we have created last year has shown visible changes and results. This year too we will go in full stream with the CoE and its allied activities which will be shared in the coming days.

PTA meetings have also been kicked off and would be continued with greater vigour this year. We have started the journey of Student Parliament, which enable our students to improve leadership skills.

We assure you that, our Children will not only win in Academics, but in life too.

Request your cooperation as always.